Tuesday, August 6th: Wild Things at Secret Loft

Wednesday, August 7th: Funhouse Comedy at Cantina Royal

Thursday, August 8th: Drag His Ass at Chelsea Music Hall

Saturday, August 10th: Big Break Comedy at The Nest

Sunday, August 11th: Studio Portrait Sessions

Wednesday, August 14th: How Cum Live at The Stand

Friday, August 16th: Studio Portrait Sessions

Saturday, August 17th: Private Event at Madame X

Sunday, August 18th: Studio Portrait Sessions // Champagne Trails at Club Cumming

Monday, August 19th: Starfuckers at Union Hall

Tuesday, August 20th: Wild Things at Secret Loft

Thursday, August 22nd: Milk and Cookies at Gertie

Friday, August 23rd: ** STUDIO SESSIONS AVAILABLE 9-5pm ** // Smoothie Talk at the PIT

Saturday, August 24th: ** STUDIO SESSIONS AVAILABLE 9-5pm ** // The Exhibition Show at Public Hotel

Sunday, August 25th: Dreamweavers at Max Fish

Wednesday, August 28th: We’re All Gonna Die at C’mon Everybody

Friday, August 30th: ** STUDIO SESSIONS AVAILABLE 9-5pm **

Saturday, August 31st: ** STUDIO SESSIONS AVAILABLE 9-5pm ** //Super Video Bros at Union Hall


Tuesday, September 3rd: Wild Things at Secret Loft

Saturday, September 7th: ** STUDIO SESSIONS AVAILABLE 9-5pm **

Sunday, September 8th: ** STUDIO SESSIONS AVAILABLE 9-5pm **

Tuesday, September 17th: Wild Things at Secret Loft